Need Cheap BBQ Grill, AC, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Refrigerator Repair? We Have You Covered!

It’s such a hassle when your appliances, especially the big ones, break down on you. When your refrigerator breaks down, food gets spoiled. What a waste! When your AC dies on you, imagine how uncomfortable your house would feel.

But that’s nothing compared to what would happen if your dryer malfunctions. A vent clogged with lint can easily burn your house down! Aside from your dryer, there are a number of other home appliances that can start a house fire (check out our Unexpected Residential Fire Starters infographic) which is why your appliances need regular checkup and maintenance.

A lot of times you might be hesistant to call for check-ups and repairs, thinking that it would be an unnecessary expense. We totally understand this, but the need to keep your home safe is of utmost importance which is why we now offering quality appliance services and checkups at even more affordable prices! Check out our new special rates below.

TJ's Appliance Repair - New Low Rates for Appliance Checkups and Repairs

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